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D P De La Rey - Daniel Petrus de la Rey was born on 11 January 1942, in Pretoria. He spent most of his youth years in Windhoek, presently the Capital of the independent Republic of Namibia, and subsequently, in 1959, matriculated at the High School Hendrik Verwoerd in Pretoria.

After completing military training at the Army Gymnasium at Voortrekker Heights, Pretoria in 1960, he studied full time to complete the B-Admin degree at the University of Pretoria in 1963. He actively took part in the affairs and activities of the Day Student’s House, while studying full time.

Through part time study he successfully in 1973 completed the B-luris degree containing the Attorney's Admission endorsement, at the University of South Africa. While enrolled as a student at this University he actively promoted the affairs and activities of the Juridical Society and chaired the Society for two successive years.

After serving in various administrative capacities he entered the firm Haasbroek & Boezaart in Pretoria at the end of 1973 to serve a term of Articles to be subsequently admitted as an Attorney and Conveyancer by the Transvaal Provincial Division of the then Supreme Court of South Africa on 22 November 1977.

Subsequently he held the position of Professional Assistant with Haasbroek & Boezaart as well as with Gildenhuys & Liebenberg Incorporated of Pretoria before joining Rooth & Wessels of Pretoria as Professional Assistant in 1983. On March 1, 1988 he became a Partner in this firm. At his request however his status was changed to that of an Associate with effect from 1 June 1991 until his departure from the firm on 31 July 1991. With effect from 1 August 1991 he joined Von Reiche Attorneys in Pretoria as a Professional Assistant, with effect from 1 April 1993 he became a salaried Partner at the said firm. Subsequently he joined Shapiro & de Meyer Incorporated in Pretoria on 1 January 1996 as head of the Conveyancing Department and left them when he was offered a position at Bloch Gross & Associates in Pretoria on 1 April 1997, in charge of the Estate and Companies departments.

With effect from 1 June 1998 he became a Partner in this Firm and when the Firm converted to an Incorporated practice in June 1999 he became a Director. He left Bloch Gross & Associates in this capacity on 31 March 2003 to join the present firm Maluleke Msimang & Associates in Pretoria in the capacity of an Associate, where he has since been.

The Conveyancing Department of the Firm Maluleke Msimang & Associates in Pretoria is a fairly young department compared to the other litigation departments in the Firm. Over the years, however it has grown in stature attributed to the important work entrusted to it, namely by serving clients such as Telkom, Transnet, The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, The Limpopo Development Corporation and Northern Province Development Corporation to name but a few.

The registration of transfers and bonds, both sectional and ordinary transactions form the bulk of our conveyancing work. One full time conveyancer in the person of D P DE LA REY, presently mans the department. Mr. de la Rey, a senior conveyancer who has been practising as an attorney/conveyancer since 22 November 1977 and have attained over the years considerable experience in all fields of conveyancing from the simple to the more complicated matters. He was and is still minded in matters such as Town Planning, the Establishment of Townships and the Opening of Township Registers, the opening and registration of Sectional Title Schemes and have over the years registered a number of Schemes both large and small.

Two senior and very efficient legal secretaries assist the conveyancer aforesaid, by name Mrs. Jenny Elson and Mrs. Oriel Kriel, who amongst them have at least 15 years conveyancing experience as legal secretaries.