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The Mission

Our mission is to maintain our position as an accomplished service facility offering excellent and efficient legal services to all clients, big and small within a reasonably short time and at affordable fees. We emphasise a thorough understanding of our client's background, their culture and point of view before we give any advice.

We are able to implement our mission because our firm is versatile, and can sustain our strength amidst changes and is a good place in which to work. We have established well defined responsibilities and clear lines of communications for staff at all levels.

Each individual case is handled by hand picked teams of experienced professionals, closely supervised by a partner of the firm who is readily accessible for consultation. With clear supervision and property channels, all our staff is fully informed of the aims and plans of the firm, enabling co operation in maintaining the highest standards of service to our clients. Consequently, we can react promptly and effectively to our client's urgent needs.

The Firm

The firm Maluleke, Msimang & Associates is a South African Law firm owned and controlled by South African Black Lawyers. Maluleke, Msimang & Associates have offices in Pretoria and Johannesburg. These offices operate as a web and are professionally run by senior partners based in each of the offices.

The main objectives behind this idea are to:

  • Complement the resources base of the firm jointly,
  • To handle more complex matters to the mutual benefit of clients, and
  • Provide a collective and creative knowledge base

Maluleke, Msimang & Associates considers this relationship to be a unique arrangement because it enables teams from different offices to partake on a variety of projects.

In all areas in which the firm operates, hand-picked teams of experienced professionals are consistently delivering service excellence. It is the calibre of these individuals, their dedication and their extra ordinary commitment to a well defined value system, that has resulted in the firm's ongoing success.

Maluleke, Msimang & Associates is experienced in dealing with various types of Commercial and Litigation transactions. It is also able to service various types of Commercial institutions and enterprises, government departments, parastatals, provincial and local authority structures.

Maluleke, Msimang & Associates was founded in 1988 and has within a relatively short space of time managed to make strides in the corporate and commercial practice.